Do I Need an Oral Surgeon to Extract My Tooth?

Do tooth extractions require oral surgery in Conroe? The answer is – not always. You can get your tooth pulled without surgery. Tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure, but your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon if your case is complicated. Although dentists would prefer to save your teeth, often they are forced to remove them due to crowding, disease, or trauma.  

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Understanding Surgical Tooth Extractions

Simple Versus Surgical

Your dentist will perform a simple tooth extraction when your tooth is above the gum line. The tooth is easily pulled out with forceps. But if your tooth hides underneath gum tissues or bone, you’ll need a surgical extraction.  

With advancements in dental technology, your oral surgeon can easily and efficiently pull your tooth out with minimal discomfort. After the procedure, you may take pain medications as directed.  

Reasons for a Surgical Extraction

The following are cases that require surgical extractions:

  • Removal of wisdom teeth – if your wisdom teeth are impacted, your oral surgeon may need to cut through your gums and bone to access them.  
  • Removing broken-down teeth
  • When a molar broke at the gum line
  • Removing teeth with long and curved roots

Post Extraction Aftercare

You must follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions for quick healing and fast recovery. The following are important tips you need to do after getting your tooth pulled out:  

  • Give your mouth a break. As much as possible, avoid unnecessary snacking and talking for at least two hours after the procedure.  
  • Soft diet. If you’re craving something crunchy or hard, you may have to suppress that for the time being. You’ll be on a liquid or soft diet after the procedure to avoid irritating the site. Your dentist will inform you if you can return to your usual diet.  
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Do You Have More Questions About Oral Surgery in Conroe?  

If your dentist suggests a surgical tooth extraction, you shouldn’t worry. Dental health professionals use advanced technology and modern techniques to provide the best care.  

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