Relieving Dental Anxiety

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There are millions of Americans who don’t go to the dentist because of their fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, skipping the easy appointments and exams can lead to more severe problems in the future. We don’t want what can be avoided to happen. With the latest technology and caring team at Barker Dentistry & Implant Center, we can ensure your visit will be a great one.

Tips to Relieve Dental Anxiety

We completely understand the fear some people have. A bad experience can make you never want to go back to the dentist again. That’s why we always put the most care and effort into every patient’s visit. During your appointment, you might want to consider these top tips for relieving dental anxiety.

Ask Questions

The more you know about your treatment, the easier it will seem. Probably one of the worst things to experience during a procedure is a surprise, which is why we go over each step and are always ready to address any concerns.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Everyone loves a good distraction. Sit back, put in some earbuds, and let your music take your mind away from what’s going on in your mouth.


This seems self-explanatory, but some people forget to breathe at a normal pace, increasing tension and nerves. Breathe in and out slowly, and you can lower your heart rate and increase your oxygen levels.

Sedation Options for Dental Anxiety

For oral surgery for patients with severe anxiety, we do have sedation options available. While you will still be awake during your treatment, you will feel completely at ease. What we offer includes:

  • IV Sedation
  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide

Looking for a Caring and Friendly Dentist in Conroe, TX?

Dr. Barker has many years of training and experience and knows exactly how to provide dental services with as little discomfort as possible. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact Barker Dentistry & Implant Center today.

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