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In the past, your only option for an entire missing arch of teeth was a set of traditional dentures. While you secure them with a special adhesive, there’s still a chance they can slide around. With All-on-4®, those days are over. The Barker Dentistry & Implant Center team is always looking to make your life as easy as possible.

What is All-on-4®?

We strategically place four dental implants around the arch, which will serve as a foundation for your dentures – keeping them completely secure. Unlike traditional dental implants, which would require you to wait several months before placing the crowns, we can secure the dentures during the same appointment.

They will be custom-made to fit your mouth with the help of digital dental impressions. The impressions allow us to shape the dentures to match the space left over by your previous natural teeth.

Are All-on-4® Implants Right for Me?

To prevent the dental implants from failing, your jawbone needs to be strong enough to support them. If your teeth have been absent for too long or you have osteoporosis, your bone density might be too low. In some cases, we might be able to try a bone grafting procedure to strengthen it.

However, All-on-4® allows us to place implants for those who have a weakened jawbone. By angling the posterior implants, they utilize more of the available bone. While the dentist will still need to examine your mouth, your chances are much higher of being a suitable candidate.

What are the Benefits of All-on-4®?

  • Regain your smile
  • Go back to eating your favorite foods
  • Quick treatment
  • No annoying slipping
  • Fixed in place, so there’s no need to remove them

Looking for All-on-4® Treatment in Conroe, TX?

If you’re ready to have a complete smile again, we can make it happen with an All-on-4® procedure. Contact Barker Dentistry & Implant Center today to schedule an appointment.

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