How to Keep your Invisalign® Trays from Staining

Many prefer Invisalign in Conroe because of its smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible design. Unfortunately, just like your teeth, the material used to make Invisalign® is prone to staining. Having stained Invisalign aligners defeats the purpose of their clear design. Luckily, there are ways to prevent staining from happening. How do you keep your aligners crystal clear?  

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Ways to Prevent Invisalign From Staining

Remove Invisalign When Drinking Colored Beverages

Once you get your trays, your orthodontist will give you Invisalign care instructions to keep them in pristine condition throughout your treatment. To avoid staining your clear trays, you should take them out when you eat or drink anything that has color.

Brush and Floss Right Away

Since you can’t completely get rid of acidic or darkly pigmented beverages, the least you can do is brush and floss right away to remove residues that may potentially stain your aligners. Not only do these food and drinks stain your Invisalign, but they also stain your teeth. If you can’t brush, you can rinse your mouth with water but remember to clean your teeth as soon as you get the chance.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

You can also try using whitening toothpastes. Some brands are known for eliminating mild stains. When using these toothpaste brands, ensure that you read and follow the directions written on the packaging. Some of these brands may contain powerful ingredients that can cause tooth sensitivity. When in doubt, ask your orthodontist.

Avoid Smoking

Another contributing factor to staining is smoking. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes are notorious for causing stains around your Invisalign. If you are a chronic smoker and plan to get Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment choice, we recommend you quit the habit.

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Learn More About Invisalign in Conroe

Even though staining is a potential problem for Invisalign, the good news is you can prevent or minimize it from happening. At Barker Dentistry, we offer an extensive array of orthodontic treatments for you to choose from. We also educate patients so they can take care of their devices at home. Contact us to learn more.  


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