How Do You Know If You Need Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings in Conroe are a dental restoration procedure that involves removing decayed portions of your tooth and repairing it to make it healthy again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for all tooth decay cases.  

If the damage has reached the dental pulp, your dentist recommends root canal therapy. And tooth extraction is made if the damage is so severe that a root canal can’t save it. Evidently, the most conservative treatment is a dental filling. How do you know if you need one?  

dental fillings in conroe

Signs It’s Time for a Dental Filling


One obvious sign that you might need a dental filling is tooth pain. However, if you also experience tooth sensitivity when your teeth are exposed to hot, cold, and sweet foods, you may also need one. Another indicator of a dental filling is when you experience throbbing pain when you bite or chew.  

Other Visible Signs

Even without pain, some patients may still need a tooth filing if they show the following symptoms:


  • A hole in your teeth that you can feel with your tongue
  • Visible dark spots
  • A chipped or broken tooth
  • A lost filling
  • Broken filling

Fractured Tooth

While cavities remain the number one reason for a dental filling, dentists can also order one if your teeth are fractured. The composite filling material is the best choice to repair fractured teeth. Applying a filling for cavities and fractured teeth helps prevent further decay and damage.  

Worn Enamel

Did you know that years of biting and chewing can wear your teeth down? Over time, wear and tear can cause your teeth to lose their original shape, making them look uneven.  

Teeth grinding can also contribute to enamel damage leading to chips and cracks. Using a tooth-colored dental filling can restore the look and function of your affected teeth.  

Patient getting dental fillings procedure in conroe

Do You Need Dental Fillings in Conroe?

Only your dentist can determine if you need dental fillings. See one today if you think you have the symptoms mentioned above. We offer affordable dental restoration solutions, including dental fillings, at Barker Dentistry. Our office has the latest tools to give you the best smile. Contact us today for a consultation.

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